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Monkey’s Blog: Hand Bags of Mass Destruction!!!!!

Published by on August 22, 2013

There is a full moon. That is the only thing I can think of to describe the things I’ve been seeing the last two days. Now, some of you think I just bitch and whine and blame losing on ‘all the idiots.’ I know…and to a lot of you, it doesn’t come off very well. This isn’t how I’m always trying to sound. Sometimes…I just need to vent…and this IS a damn good place to do it. Here and my Facebook. But dammit….some of these people just ARE total idiots. And a number of other spicy adjectives.

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The past few days have just kind of blurred all together. The only real success I’ve had is at…ahem…the table games. Blackjack and Texas Hold Em Bonus. That is truly a sign that the universe is ALL out of whack. I was on a roll the other night until I was forced off the table because of my trusty ‘man bag.’Some of you….a lot of you actually, are familiar with the process of walking through the casino, and being greeted at the entrance by security, who wants to look inside of your bag. It’s annoying. And it’s a reaction to the ‘War on Terror.’ In the last ten years, we have become a total reactionary society. I think in broad terms, we are losing the War on Terror…because of what it has meant to our personal freedoms, and because the restrictions placed on everything borders on ridiculous. And hypocritical.

So how stupid is this? You have a bag. You sit at a table game. No one notices it. Your friend comes along from the poker room, carrying his backpack. And gets jumped. Told he has to check it in with the front desk to keep playing. Oh! Then…notices MY bag….me, who has been sitting there playing for the past two hours. And tells me I have to check MY bag as well. Hold on…there is a lady sitting next to me, and she is carrying a purse, a very large purse, nearly as big as my bag. But is she told to check in her back? No. Why? It’s her personal stuff. Huh? What do you think I have in MY bag? Nothing personal? This isn’t Boston. No one is leaving their bag at the table so they can blow up a blackjack dealer. And no one is going suicide bomber either.If you are going to enforce something, for logical reasons…then it has to apply to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. I mean, if I’m a terrorist, and want to blow up the casino and kill gamblers…who am I going to send in to do the bombing? A guy? With a backpack? That will surely be caught and moved? Or that woman…unsuspecting woman…and her large purse? How stupid do we think terrorists are? Apparently pretty stupid.I’m just waiting. And it’s going to happen. The EMP weapons. The weapon that will wreak havoc on our country. Ours especially. The Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon…that when exploded 30,000 feet above the surface of the Earth….will wipe out every electronic device within hundreds of miles. You know how flustered you get when your computer has a problem, or your iPhone is acting up. Imagine if they all just suddenly DIED!!! People in third world countries laugh at this kind of weapon…since they have no real worries over what will die and what won’t. But us? Oh boy….it will be absolutely devastating.Maybe the answer…is to move to the mountains…live off the land like our ancestors, and ‘Little House on the Prairie it up’ for the next 40 years. And poker, and everything else…be damned!


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