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What to Do When You Win it Big

Published by on April 19, 2018

Hoping to see a major win when you’re playing in the online casino? You aren’t alone, just about everyone who spins the slots is going to be hoping, on some level, that they get to see the jackpot light start flashing and suddenly go from regular person to millionaire slots winner. We say just about everyone because we can’t exactly know what everyone’s motivation for playing slots is but it seems like a pretty reasonable assumption. There aren’t many people who’d turn down the chance to be a multi-millionaire from playing a few games.

But what do you do when the big day happens? When you finally watch all the reels line up and the machine starts going wild? If you’re playing online the process is probably going to be quite simple, it’s just getting the money sorted with customer support and which account it needs to go into. But the process is a little trickier if you win in a land casino, there’s a whole selection of paperwork and checks you need to finish before you can make off with your winnings. If you need help, just check out this handy infographic that goes through the steps involved!

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