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How Poker Relates to Sports Betting

Published by on July 1, 2020

The level of interest in gambling continues to grow in the United States as well as around the World. While gambling comes in different forms from poker to roulette to slot machines to even sports betting, for many the different types despite not being the same offers the same high chance reward. With this high chance reward, it allows the various types of gambling to relate to each other. This can be said for how poker relates to sports betting.

Not directly the same type of gambling but poker and sports betting have a variety reasons to why they relate to each other. These reasons can both be good and bad. Here is CentSports list of How Poker Relates to Sports Betting:

  1. Bad Luck & Bad Circumstances

While we start with a bad relationship, both poker and sports betting can see bad luck for the individual gambling as well as see some bad circumstances play out that will lead to disappoint and the loss of money. For example you place a $100 bet on the Michigan Wolverines to win their basketball matchup, unfortunately late in the game a player calls a timeout that the team does not have in return the team receives a technical foul. The Wolverines would go on to lose this game. Meanwhile heading into the river card while playing Texas Hold’em, you have three aces and look set to win, the river card is revealed showing a King of hearts. This card plays along with an Ace of Hearts, Jack of Hearts and a 10 of Hearts. The player on the opposite side of the table has the Queen of Hearts and now has the royal flush. Both of these incidences resulted in bad luck or circumstances that resulted in how the outcome played out.

  1. Both Poker & Sports Betting Can Be Played Online

Another way the two betting options relate is that they both are easy accessible online with many of the top sports betting websites and poker sites. The convenience of online betting allows for sports bettors and poker players to play with the use of a smartphone or computer whenever they want without having to make extra expenses to the local casino or sportsbook.

  1. Knowing the time to bet aggressive and when to back off

For both poker and sports betting, you must know when to be aggressive with your bets when the time is right but also know when to back off when things are not going good or if something doesn’t look right. For example, when you are hot with cards but are dealt a poor hand you must not try to get greedy and bluff, the best bet is to play it safe. Meanwhile the starting quarterback is out for the opposing team, you have the luxury to bet aggressive on this contest if you like the matchup.

  1. Management of a Bank Roll

Another example of how poker relates to sports betting is how an individual manages their bank roll. Your bank roll is key to your success on the poker table or against the sports books. A great poker player who is successful knows, understands and manages their bankroll properly. Now if you are wondering what a bankroll is and bankroll management is, this is the amount of budget you have to bet with. This could be daily, weekly or monthly. So for example if you have $3,000 for a 30 day month that would allow you a budget of $100 a day. If you start off bad and lose your $100, you must know to walk away from this and not try to win your money back. Be smart with your bank roll. The same can be said if you are winning big. Just because you have won a few games in a row don’t get greedy. Use the winnings when you have the time to research or when you really are sure to use it.

Poor management of your bank roll when playing poker or betting on sports could leave your bank roll empty fast.

  1. The Experience

For many the chance to play poker is all about the experience. From the excitement of winning to losing the overall experience is what appeals to people playing poker. The same experience goes for people electing to bet on sports. The excitement of placing a wager on a specific team and watching the outcome gives you something to look forward to.

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