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Are Casino Games Rigged?

Published by on September 11, 2020

Playing online casino games or any casino games is fun, we can’t deny that fact. However, there is always that thought at the back of your mind as to how fair casino games really are.

That is why many people have been lead to believe that online casino games are rigged. And not even just online casino games, even those games that are available at land-based casinos as well.

Many people strongly believe that they are rigged, but are casino games rigged or are you just having a bad day at the casino?

Online Casino Games Fairness

All online casinos use a random number generator, this is a set of mathematical algorithms that ensure that the game is random. To add on to that, all online casino games are audited and checked for fairness. Therefore, as long as you are playing at a safe, secure and legit online casino, then we can assure you that the online casino games are not rigged.

Land-based Casino Game Fairness

Many people think that t online real money casinos are rigged whereas those games at land-based casinos are not. But both the set of games have measures to make sure that the games are fair.

At land-based casinos, the games are checked regularly and kept in top shape to make sure that the games are fair. Additionally, at a land-based casino, they have cameras everywhere to make sure that no one tampers with the games.

Are casino games rigged?

No, casino game are not rigged, it is just many people tend to forget that francaisonlinecasinos games are a gamble. This means that there is a 50/50 chance of you either winning or losing, the moment that someone wins, they are certain that the games are fair. However, the moment that one person loses for several times then they believe that the games are rigged. But well, that is just how the games are, you win some and you lose some.

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