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Lucky Numbers In Roulette

Published by on April 19, 2021

Casino games, be it you are playing online casino games or land-based casino games are about two main things and these are luck and skill. You should be able to make a decent living through the use of at least one of these two factors and if you are that good, then you should be able to use both and be able to get away with it.

However, for those who use luck, there are some numbers that they believe will give them a fortune and these are some of the lucky that we shall look at below as well their records wins in the Casino en ligne game of roulette.

Lucky Number 17

Roulette, also known as Devil’s Wheel because when added up, all the numbers amount to 666 is believed to have a lucky number 17. Why is the number 17 lucky in the new casinos online UK of roulette you might ask? Well, this is because it is the number that is in the centre of the wheel, and while there is no proof that it is lucky, there have some wins that have cemented this theory for many.

We take a look at the win by a Newcastle boss of over $1 million after betting on number 17 and Sean Connery who won three times in a row after betting on the same number.

Lucky Number 7

And then we have lucky number 7. The reason why 7 is considered to be lucky is that is looked at as a complete number and it has a lot of biblical references to it where it was associated with good things. Therefore, for many, it is considered to be lucky. Although we have no known records of players who have got millions after betting on 7, many believe that the number is lucky.

Lucky Number 3

Lastly, we have lucky number 3. Like the number 7, there have no records of players who managed to strike the bag after betting on number 3 but many players love to bet on it as well.

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